Ep 1: Women and Heart Disease

Published: 01 Oct 2021

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Did you know that CV disease is the leading cause of death in women and that women are more likely to die of heart disease compared to men?

Dr Erin Michos (Johns Hopkins Uni, US) and Dr Martha Gulati (Uni of Arizona, US) join us on the inaugural episode of the ECR podcast series to discuss issues surrounding women in heart disease. Together they explore a variety of topics that are addressed in the latest special focus issue in the European Cardiology Review journal. Discussion includes:


  • Exploring the epidemiology behind CV disease in women
  • Considerations for risk assessment and risk factors for women
  • Are specialised heart centres for women needed?
  • The long-term differences in care between men and women 
  • Methods of diagnostics: MINOCA, INOCA
  • Where are the knowledge gaps? 
  • Delivering cardiac rehab
  • Side effects in women vs. men 
  • What are the risk factors related to pregnancy? An examination of Dr Gulati's recent paper.


The ECR journal special focus collection on 'Women in Heart Disease' is available NOW! 

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