• ECR Podcast - Ep 7: Socioeconomic Factors Impacting Coronary and Structural Intervention

    What are the social factors that impact access to coronary and structural intervention in the current landscape of cardiology? In this month's episode of ECR Podcast, guest editor of ECR's special focus on gender disparities in interventional and structural heart procedures, Dr Natalia Berry (Mid Atlantic Permanente Medical Group, Washington DC, USA) is joined by Dr Renee Bullock-Palmer, (Deborah Heart and Lung Center, Pemberton, NJ, USA) to answer some of these questions.

  • ECR Podcast - Ep 6: Inflammatory Biomarkers and Cardiovascular Risk

    What are the clinical challenges in the use of biomarkers to estimate the risk of a cardiovascular event?

  • ECR Podcast - Ep 5: Invasive Diagnosis of Coronary Functional Disorders Causing Angina Pectoris

    Did you know that coronary vasomotion disorders are a frequent cause of angina in patients with non-obstructed coronary arteries? In this month's episode of the ECR podcast, Dr Andreas Seitz and Dr Peter Ong (Robert-Bosch Hospital, Stuttgart, DE) return to discuss their recent article on the diagnosis of coronary disorders which cause angina (https://www.ecrjournal.com/articles/invasive-diagnosis-coronary-functional-disorders-causing-angina-pectoris) from ECR Journal.

  • ECR Podcast - Ep 4: The EXCEL Trial: The Interventionalists’ Perspective

    In this month's featured author episode of the ECR Podcast, interventional fellow Dr George Hunter (Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Bedford, UK) discusses the EXCEL trial from his perspective as a member of the PCI community, based on a recent review paper from the ECR Journal. In this podcast, Dr Hunter discusses the controversy surrounding the trial and the importance of studying left main stem disease in cardiology today.

  • Ep 3: Atrial Fibrillation in Congenital Heart Disease

    Did you know that atrial arrhythmias are the most common complication in adults with congenital heart disease?

    Dr Irene Martin de Miguel (Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, Madrid, Spain) joins us in this featured author episode to outline her recent review article, Atrial Fibrillation in Congenital Heart Disease. In this podcast, Dr de Miguel provides an overview of the current knowledge of AF in CHD, giving practical recommendations for your everyday practice.

  • Ep 2: Prognostication of patients with coronary stenoses: pre-and post-PCI

    Is there enough evidence to support the prognostic value of coronary physiology measurements in pre-and post-PCI settings? Is post-PCI FFR ready for clinical practice?

    Today's episode features co-hosts Dr Peter Ong and Dr Andreas Seitz (Robert-Bosch Hospital, Stuttgart, DE) who together summarise the main results from the TARGET FFR and DEFINE-FLOW trials that were presented at TCT Connect 2020 and published recently in ECR journal, in the context of the existing literature.

  • Ep 1: Women and Heart Disease

    Did you know that CV disease is the leading cause of death in women and that women are more likely to die of heart disease compared to men? Dr Erin Michos (John Hopkins Uni, US) and Dr Martha Gulati (Uni of Arizona, US) join us on the inaugural episode of the ECR podcast series to discuss issues surrounding women in heart disease. Together they explore a variety of topics that are addressed in the latest special focus issue in the European cardiology Review journal.