Cardio-oncology A-Z: Breast Cancer Treatment Related Cardiotoxicity With Dr Anne Blaes

Published: 13 Jun 2022

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In this video we invited Dr Anne Blaes, Associate Professor in the Division of Hematology and Oncology at the University of Minnesota, to summarise the topic of breast cancer treatment related cardiotoxicity. Dr Blaes is an active medical oncologist with a special interest in the late effects of cancer therapy.

Discussion Points:
1. What are the main cancer treatments that cause this problem? 
2. Are there risk factors which predispose patients to this problem?
3. How common is this issue?
4. Should it be screened before treatment or monitored during or after treatment for this?
5. How can it best be managed?

About the A-Z series:
In recent years, cardio-oncology (C-O) emerged as a subspeciality focusing on the cardiac management of cancer patients. In our new Cardio-oncology A to Z series we are aiming to provide you short summaries of C-O concepts curated by Dr Arjun Ghosh and delivered by practicing experts of this field.

Recorded remotely from Minneapolis, 2022. 
Editor: Mirjam Boros