Corporate Report: Vanguard

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The Vanguard Group is an internationally established enterprise specialising in high-tech services for the healthcare sector. Vanguard aligns its service spectrum with clinical service providers, focusing particularly on hospitals offering acute care and specialised medical services.

As market leader and full-service provider of medical products and quality medical-technology supplies, Vanguard is the authority in the reprocessing of complex medical products for intervention therapy and minimally invasive surgery. For the extensive reprocessing process, Vanguard has developed an industry level safety standard and innovative technologies. Even patients, particularly in the case of elective surgery, where they seek out the hospital as far as possible themselves, are increasingly interested in the hospital's quality standard when choosing a hospital.

Vanguard is Germany's largest supplier of outsourcing-concepts for the central sterile goods reprocessing in hospitals and as an independent service provider, offers a wide palette of solutions to guarantee efficient resource-management. Vanguard also offers a quality secured, DV (German association for medical care) supported reprocessing for the optimal care of the operating theatre, as well as the corresponding operational area.

This offer consists of an integrated concept of well-networked service elements for rise in efficiency and cost savings which improve standards.

The service spectrum does not just encompass the entire sterile goods supply for clinics and outpatient operation theatre centres, but also the installation of new technical attachments, as well as the control and management of the instrument life span with the most tested and up-to-date marking and tracking systems.

Along with the primacy of offering the client scientific solutions in order to increase efficiency, there is also the uncompromised Vanguard quality orientation, as well as the promise of sustainability, which is anchored in the company goal from the start. This quality management is reflected in all service areas of the company.

Vanguard provides pioneer services for special reprocessing. It is where highly complex medical products are reprocessed which are often labelled by the manufacturer as a 'single-use' product. Through years of intensive research and development, as well as through the bringing together of medical, technical and microbiological expertise, the development of validated reprocessing procedures for products has been a success. The hospital and the healthcare system as a whole, benefit from the advantages of the more sensible employment of limited resources.

Europe wide over 1000 clinics use the services provided by Vanguard.