Corporate Report

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The Company

Medical Simulation Corporation (MSC) is an education services company that provides full-service simulation training, education and consulting services. MSC provides its services to medical product manufacturers, medical societies and hospital personnel, including clinical specialists, sales representatives, physicians, nurses and technologists. Through its network of mobile SimSuite® training platforms, dedicated hospital-based SimSuite Education Centres and Web-based courses, MSC can provide customised training services to any location. MSC is training over 900 healthcare professionals per month and has done so in over 500 locations in the US.

MSCÔÇÖs mission is to improve the quality of patient care and the productivity of healthcare delivery through advanced medical devices and procedure education, technologies and services. The 75-plus associates of MSC are proud to be leading a significant movement away from the traditional training approach of 'see one, do one, teach oneÔÇÖ to a cost-effective and challenging learning environment.


MSC is the recognised healthcare industry leader in providing full-service training and education services. MSCÔÇÖs simulation technology and clinical curriculum are combined in a cognitive learning process brought to life by its SimSuite Clinical Educators. These educators are experts in utilising the simulation experience along with didactic materials to meet the clinical training objectives of our customers. The SimSuite Educators help ensure that when a customer invests in SimSuite technology it is used efficiently and effectively.

Educational Approach

The SimSuite Education System incorporates state-of- the-art interactive simulation technology providing 'hands-onÔÇÖ Reality without Risk┬« to patients. MSC has a library of over 100 simulated procedures that incorporate the complete process of care of the patient, including a three-phase approach: pre-brief of patient requiring diagnosis, actual procedure and post-brief.

This approach not only facilitates confidence on the 'skills and drillsÔÇÖ aspects of training but also enables a cognitive approach to learning. The outcome of the procedure is based on the decisions, timing and skills of the operator. The SimSuite cases include patient interaction, fluoroscopic imaging, haemodynamic feedback and pharmacological responses. Course-ware is based on real patient experience and authored by medical thought-leaders.


The SimSuite System collects over 800 standardised data points and can track an unlimited number of customised metrics in realtime. These can be combined for competency and proficiency assessment. Multiple studies have shown that the SimSuite System discriminates competencies of experienced and inexperienced operators. Individual participants receive a confidential metric self-assessment.

Metrics are based on medical society guidelines and show performance based on best practices by leading physicians. Metrics accumulated during the procedure include such items as total procedure time, radiation exposure, amount of contrast used, recognition of serious adverse events, response time during these events and equipment cost.

Medical Manufacturer Programs for Acceleration and Return on Investment

MSC has a proven track record of working with medical product manufacturers to accelerate product launches, capture market share, extend the product life cycle, rejuvenate products and accelerate clinical trial training. Our custom medical device simulation training programmes can train physicians and clinical teams and are tailored to the customerÔÇÖs need for procedural education, product instructions for use (IFU) training or a combination of both. These programmes result in increased revenue and risk reduction to the manufacturer creating a positive ROI.


MSC partners with hospitals and healthcare systems to bring best-demonstrated clinical procedures and practices to the fingertips of physicians, nurses and technologists, as well as best-demonstrated simulation centre business practices to administrators. SimSuite courseware includes endovascular procedures, critical care nursing, technologist training and a highly efficient Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) recertification program. Hospital personnel access SimSuite training through dedicated SimSuite Centres, customised events, mobile simulation platforms and Web-based courses.

Societies and Regulators

Since its inception in 1999, MSC has worked with societies and regulators to establish simulation training as an integral part of education. MSC has worked with the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) on a study that has shown that simulation can differentiate between physician skill levels. The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (SCAI) and MSC have conducted a benchmarking study with the top interventional cardiologists. MSC was exclusively selected by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) to conduct a pilot study validating simulation in testing physician procedural skill levels. In collaboration with the American College of Cardiology, SCAI, the American Heart Association and many other guideline-driven groups, MSC is able to provide a complete package of programs useful to physicians, residents, fellows, critical care nurses and technologists, medical students, operating room staff and emergency department staff. Ôûá