ECR–ISCP Partnership Announcement : European Cardiology Review partners with the International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy

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Received date
23 December 2016
Accepted date
23 December 2016

I am delighted to announce that European Cardiology Review (ECR) has now started a partnership with the International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy (ISCP), a leading non-for-profit organisation devoted to medical education in the field of cardiovascular therapy.

The mission of the ISCP – an associate member of the World Heart Federation – is to foster research initiatives and develop educational programmes on topics related to cardiovascular pharmacology and pharmacotherapy. With representatives from over 35 countries worldwide in its ranks, the ISCP represents an important forum for vital discussions on cardiovascular pharmacotherapy. Among many educational activities, the ISCP supports two major initiatives, namely the Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy Book Series, with the publication of an average of six volumes on the treatment of cardiovascular conditions per year, and the ISCP Annual Scientific Sessions, which attract a large audience of medical practitioners and healthcare professionals from the world over. The ISCP holds approximately 12 regional meetings annually, aimed at discussing novel issues in the field of cardiovascular and pharmacology and therapy.

Starting in this issue, each volume of ECR will contain a Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy section that will be jointly edited by the president of the ISCP and myself. This section will publish review articles as well as original systematic reviews and meta-analyses on the most important developments in cardiovascular pharmacotherapy. Recent outstanding clinical trials, with the potential to change clinical practice, will be presented and discussed by international experts in the field. We also plan to include editorial articles written by the president of the ISCP that will highlight important developments in the field and their potential impact on clinical practice. In addition, we will publish ‘expert opinion’ articles, which will be accompanied by brief scholarly comments by other experts and online interviews with key scientists and opinion leaders.

This is an exciting project that both ECR and ISCP are embracing with optimism, determination and great enthusiasm. We hope that our readers will find this new initiative valuable for their day-to-day practice as well as a means to gain insight into the new developments in the field of cardiovascular pharmacotherapy.